A07RN-F (eliminato da Helukabel e accorpato ad H07RN-F)

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    A07RN-F (eliminato da Helukabel e accorpato ad H07RN-F)

    Rubber-sheathed cable, authorised national type




    Temperature range

    -30°C to +60°C

    Nominal voltage

    U0/U 450/750V
    in case of protected and fixed installation
    U0/U 600/1000V

    Informazioni aggiuntive


    EAC, VDE


    Weather resistant

    Heavy duty rubber-sheathed flexible cables are suited for use for medium mechanical stress in dry, damp and wet areas as well as in open air and in agriculture plants. They are used for equipment in industry works such as boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, electric tools such as drills, circular saws and homework tools as well as for transportable motors or machines at site. These cables are also suitable for fixed installation on plaster, in temporary buildings and residential barracks. They are suitable for direct laying on components and mechanical parts of machines, for example lifts and cranes. They can be used in case of protected and fixed installation in tubes or in equipment as well as rotor connecting cable of motors with a working voltage up to 1000 V alternating voltage or a direct voltage up to 750 V against ground. The operating direct voltage is permitted up to 900 V against ground when they are used in rail-coaches. Installation in hazardous areas according to DIN VDE 0165 is allowed.
    CE = The product is conformed with the EC Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

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