Compact Pendant Arm Series 4 System 80, Type 12

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    Compact Pendant Arm Series 4 System 80, Type 12

    Industry Standards:
    NEMA/EEMAC Type 12
    DIN 40050
    Application: The Compact Series 4 System 80 Pendant Arms are equally flexible in allowing operators to move controls into and out of position, but they can accommodate heavier weight loads. At 3.3 ft. (1 m), the Series 4 System 80 holds 337 lb. (153.2 kg). System 80 is recommended for use with Concept HMI, Syspend Aluminum HMI and ProLine Sloped Front Enclosures. The hole patterns are different from other systems; cutouts will be different.
    Heavy cast steel and cast aluminum couplings and heavy-wall steel tubing provide excellent structural strength
    Each system includes multiple coupling types and three standard tube lengths (.5 m, 1 m and 2 m) which combine to form numerous configurations
    Steel tubing has 5-mm (0.2-inch) wall thickness. Tubing is coldformed, welded square and rectangular steel tubes.
    Tubing provides structural integrity and acts as a conduit for equipment wiring
    Removable access plates (provided with set-up joint, elbow and elbow couplings) simplify cable installation inside tubing
    Heavy-duty bearings in all movable joints for convenient, smooth operation and enhanced durability to withstand stresses of repeated use
    Deep tube fittings in all couplings
    Adjustable setscrews allow for accurate alignment of supporting tubes
    Optional pedestal base available
    Gasket is oil-resistant neoprene
    Finish: Couplings are RAL 7035 light-gray polyester powder paint. Access plates and tubing are light-gray. Bellows are black.


    NEMA/EEMAC Type 12

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