CT Mounting Base

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    CT Mounting Base

    Application: Available in three variations of conductor connection styles to match your application: 1/2-in. studs on 1-3/4-in. centers, a model with mechanical lugs and a model with lugs on one side and studs on the other to accommodate the preference difference between line and load connections. Pre-punched mounting base holes align with the studs in a CT enclosure.
    Spacing for bar-type current transformer that conforms to ANSI 12.11
    Conductor provisions: either mechanical lugs or 1/2-in. bolt on 1-3/4-in. centers with nut, spring and flat washer
    Neutral bar with 10-32 tap screw
    Specifications: 12-gauge galvanized formed base has electrically isolated mount/termination platform
    Finish: Galvanized (mounting plate only)

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