Distributore LioN-M Device 8DI (8x M12) M23 Power Supply Plastic 60 mm

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    Distributore LioN-M Device 8DI (8x M12) M23 Power Supply Plastic 60 mm


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    0970 PSL 114 – Profibus-DP device with 8 digital inputs to connect standard sensors, combined M12 socket, rotary switches for addressing, M12 bus connection, M23 power supply, Plastic, 60 mm



    Technical Data
    Degree of protection IP 67
    Operating temperature range -0°C (+32°F) to +60°C (+140°F)
    Weight 535 g
    Housing material PUR
    Bus system Profibus
    ID number 044F hex
    GSD file Lum_044F.gsd
    Transmission rate max. 12 MBaud
    Address range 1–126 dec
    Rotary address switches 1–99 dec
    Default address 99 dec
    Electronics power supply UL
    Rated voltage 24 V DC
    Voltage range 19–30 V DC
    Power consumption typ. 60 mA
    Reverse polarity protection yes
    Indication LED green
    Input power supply US
    Voltage range min. (USystem – 1.5 V)
    Total current of all sensors max. 800 mA
    Short circuit-proof yes
    Indication LED green
    Inputs Type 3 acc. to IEC 61131-2
    Rated input voltage 24 V DC
    Signal state “1” 11–30 V
    Signal state “0” -3–5 V
    Input current at 24 V typ. 6 mA
    Channel type N.O. p-switching
    Number of digital channels 8
    Channel status indicator LED yellow per channel
    Included in delivery/accessories
    Dust covers M12 2 pieces
    Attachable labels 10 pieces

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