Easy Swap Adaptor Plenums for Air Conditioners

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    Easy Swap Adaptor Plenums for Air Conditioners

    Applications: When existing air conditioners are damaged or have reached end-of-life, EASY SWAP Adaptor Plenums provide a quick and easy means for attaching newer Hoffman® air conditioners to the cut-out left on the enclosure.
    No modification of the enclosure required – designed to match the enclosure cut-out and mounting holes of the air conditioner being replaced
    Plenum design allows for optimum air flow (vs. a flat plate that can block the air intake and air outtake left by the older air conditioner)
    Gasket included
    Specifications: 18 gauge steel
    Painted to match the standard Hoffman® air conditioner color (light gray)
    Other colors available upon request
    To quickly identify the correct air conditioner and plenum download the spec sheet from the Downloads tab or download the Easy Swap app from Apple App or Google play stores
    Please contact Customer Service for support in finding an appropriate cross for older Hoffman/McLean models not shown above.
    Prior to ordering, ensure Adaptor Plenum dimensions do not exceed available space on the enclosure mounting surface.
    ISC is a registered trademark of ISC Sales, Inc.
    Kooltronic is a registered trademark of Kooltronic, Inc.
    Pfannenberg is a registered trademark of Pfannenberg Incorporated
    Rittal is a registered trademark of Rittal Corporation
    Adaptor Plenums for Rittal are not suitable for replacing partial-recessed or fully-recessed mounted air conditioners.
    Thermal Edge is a registered trademark of Thermal Edge, Inc.

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