Electric Heaters (US SPECIFIC)

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    Electric Heaters (US SPECIFIC)

    Applications: Protect mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion with this thermostatically controlled, fan-driven heater that maintains a stable enclosure temperature. Fan draws cool air from the bottom of the enclosure and passes this air across the thermostat and heating element before being released into enclosure cavity. Heated air is discharged through the top of the heater unit.
    Aluminum housing
    Thermostat range adjustable from 0 F to 100 F (-18 C to 38 C)
    Four 10-32 x self-tapping screws are included with each heater
    Ball bearing fan
    Terminal strip with clamp connector that accepts both solid and stranded wire
    Finish: Brushed aluminum
    These electric heaters are not designed for use in dusty, dirty, corrosive, or hazardous locations. Portions of the heater can get hot. Adequate protection must be taken to protect people from potential burns, and to protect other components from this heat. Pentair Technical Products recommends this heater only be installed in a totally-enclosed metal enclosure.
    DO NOT INSTALL HEATERS ON WOOD PANELS. Heat sensitive components should not be placed near heater discharge area since this air can be quite warm. The clearance range defines the space that must be kept free of these components for proper and safe operation of the heater.
    Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.
    Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.

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