Feedback cables PUR

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    Feedback cables PUR


    High flexible feedback cables for drag chain, EMC-preferred type, meter marking

    Dynamics characteristics



    Temperature range

    flexing -30°C to +80°C
    fixed installation -40°C to +80°C

    Nominal voltage

    Tachofeedback-cable-C-PUR 450V
    Incremental Feedback-cable-C-PUR 250V

    Informazioni aggiuntive


    Abrasion resistant, Chemicals resistant, Cutting resistant, Hydrolysis resistant, Microbes resistant, Oil resistant, Oxygen resistant, UV resistant, Weather resistant

    Both cables fulfil different tasks for the control of servo-motors. The tachofeedback-cable or response cable serves the regulation of the motor speed and measurement of the actual values. The incremental feedback-cable or position response cable transfers the control signals for positioning and engineering characteristics and is used as the flexible connecting cable for tachometer, brakes and pulse transmitter in case of high mechanical stress in plant, machine and control engineering in dry, moist and wet rooms. Particularly suitable for continuous operating in drag chains, industrial robotics and handling equipment as these cables enable an excellent transmission of data and signals. Additional cores for the power supply to individual components are available. The braided screen guarantees reliable signal transmission. Optimum functionality, long service life and an excellent cost-performance ratio are given for the mentioned applications by the special compounds used for insulation and sheath.
    EMC = Electromagnetic compatibility
    To optimize the EMC features we recommend a large round contact of the copper braiding on both ends.
    CE = Product conforms with Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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