Hazardous Location Thermostat, ATEX

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    Hazardous Location Thermostat, ATEX

    Applications: Compact mechanical thermostat for temperature control of heaters or low-temperature alarms in enclosures that are used in explosion-hazardous areas.
    Compact design
    Set temperature
    High switching capacity
    Small hysteresis (switching difference)
    Long service life (greater than 100,000 cycles)
    Can usually be connected directly and switched without the need for additional relays
    Thermostatic bimetallic sensor element
    One-pole contact opens with rising temperature
    Mounting bracket and DIN clip for mounting
    Connection cable: Si HF – JZ 3 x AWG 18 x 3.3 ft. (0.75 mm sq. x 1 m)
    Finish: Black anodized aluminum
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.


    Conformity Certificate LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques) LCIE 01 ATEX 6074

    EEx d IIC T6/II 2 GD, IP6x T85 °C
    IEC 60529, IP65/1 (grounded)

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