Hinged Cover Wiring Trough, NEMA Type 12

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    Hinged Cover Wiring Trough, NEMA Type 12

    Applications: This wiring trough meets basic functionality requirements for moist or dirty applications, with the added feature of a hinged, screw clamp cover for easy access.
    Ends and seams continuously welded and ground smooth
    No holes or knockouts
    Butt hinges
    External screw clamps
    Screw clamps
    Oil-resistant gasket and adhesive
    Specifications: 14 gauge steel covers and bodies
    Finish: ANSI 61 gray polyester powder coating inside and out over pretreated surfaces.
    Accessories: Touch-Up Paint


    UL 870 Listed; File No. E27524
    NEMA Type 12
    JIC standards EGP-1-1967 and EMP-1-1967
    CSA, File No. 42184, Type 1
    IEC 60529, IP55


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