Industrial Corrosion Inhibitors

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    Industrial Corrosion Inhibitors

    Hoffman corrosion inhibitors protect:
    Interior components of electrical enclosures, boxes, consoles and wireways
    Interior components of electronic enclosures
    Electrical and electronic equipment and controls
    Parts and components that are packaged in crates during shipping and storage
    Switch gear and relay cabinets
    Interiors of pipes, conduits and fuse boxes
    Process control computers, instruments and recording devices
    Tool chest interiors and contents
    Equipment stored at construction sites
    Chief Advantages:
    Protects against salt and high humidity
    Eliminates the need of oiling, plating or dipping metal
    Puts protected equipment to use immediately without degreasing or coating removal
    How They Work: Each inhibitor contains a special chemical combination that vaporizes and condenses on all surfaces in an enclosed area. Vapors will redeposit as needed in the event of condensation of moisture on surfaces. These vapors reach every part of an enclosure, protecting all interior components. Spraying, wiping or greasing are not required. This eliminates precoating, special wraps and drying agents. Protection is effective even in salt-water atmospheres. The AHCI5E and AHCI10E emitters have additional red-metal inhibitors for further protection. Enclosures containing corrosion inhibitors must be reasonably sealed.
    Life Expectancy and Usage: The normal useful life-span of Hoffman corrosion inhibitors is in excess of one year. However, inhibitor life expectancy is shortened by approximately 25 percent when exposed to temperatures above 104 F (40 C). This product is not recommended for use where temperature exceeds 199 F. Since Hoffman corrosion inhibitors are vapor-phase protective, all surfaces to be protected should be accessible to the vapors. The maximum distance the vapors can travel is approximately 1.50 ft. (.46 m). Protection of long, narrow enclosures can be achieved with tape or multiple inhibitors.
    Storage and Handling: Each Hoffman corrosion inhibitor is individually packaged in a resealable bag for maximum effectiveness at the time of usage. Corrosion inhibitors should be stored at temperatures not exceeding 120 F (45 C ). Hoffman corrosion inhibitors are not returnable. When determining the proper corrosion inhibitor for your application, assume the enclosure volume to be protected is greater than calculated if (1) cabinet doors are opened frequently, (2) cabinet is located in an extremely corrosive area and/or (3) cabinet length divided by depth is greater than four.
    Foam device protects one cubic foot (28 liters) of enclosure volume for approximately one year.
    Size: .25 x 1.25 x 3.00 in. (6 x 32 x 76 mm)

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