Mechanical Hygrostat

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    Mechanical Hygrostat

    Applications: The Mechanical Hygrostat controls relative air humidity inside an enclosure to prevent condensation and corrosion that can damage components. It can also be connected to an enclosure heater, cooling fans, warning lights or other devices. The critical relative humidity (RH) level for most components is 65 percent. Above 65 percent RH, condensation can form and cause electronic equipment to malfunction.
    Adjustable relative humidity range
    High switching capacity
    Long service life (>100,000 cycles)
    Maximum permissible air velocity of 50 ft./sec. (15 m/s)
    Maximum switching voltage = 250 VAC 250 V should be switched only in a non-condensing environment
    Change-over contact
    Mounting clip for 35-mm DIN rail
    Connection: 3-pole terminal for AWG 14 max. (2.5-mm squared)
    Contact resistance less than 10 mΩ
    Finish: Light-gray plastic, UL94V-0
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.

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