(N)YM(St)-J PVC-sheathed cable

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    (N)YM(St)-J PVC-sheathed cable






    Temperature range
    flexing +5°C to +70°C
    fixed installation -40°C to +70°C

    Nominal voltage
    U0/U 300/500 V

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    These sheathed cables are made for an effective range of electromagnetic interference alternating fields by a static screen. This screening is specially used for the installation in computer sector, hospitals or industry measuring observation points with measuring instruments which are sensitive to interferences. These cables are also ideal for installations in the living rooms of those peoples who are extreme sensitive to radiation. The cable is suitable for laying on, in and under plaster in dry and damp places as well as in concrete and masonry (not however for direct embedding in vibration, compacted or tamped concrete). Outdoor laying only is possible if the cable is not exposed to direct sunlight or if the cable is layed in cable conduits.
    CE= Product conforms with Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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