Outdoor Filter Fan and Exhaust Package

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    Outdoor Filter Fan and Exhaust Package

    Ball bearing axial fan, service life minimum 50,000 hours at 77 F (25 C) and 65 percent RH
    Airflow 11.8 CFM (20 cubic meters/hour) free blowing
    High-impact plastic is highly weatherproof and resistant to UV light
    Removable F5 filter
    Lockable door in hood
    Two-sided tape provided
    Filter hood permanently fixed to enclosure from inside
    2 lead wires, 3.94-in. (100-mm) long, with pressure clamps, 14 gauge max. (2.5 mm)
    Synthetic filter material, temperature resistant to 212 F (100 C), self-extinguishing class F1, moisture resistant to 100 percent RH
    Filter mat: Fine grade F5 to DIN EN779 filtering degree: 98 percent of particles larger than 10 µm (10 microns)
    Specifications: Aluminum fan body, plastic impeller
    Finish: Light gray plastic, UL94H-B
    Accessories: This fan package meets basic requirements for outdoor or indoor applications that require warm air dissipation.
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.

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