Rack-Mountable Fan Package

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    Rack-Mountable Fan Package

    For enclosure or 19-in. rack applications, the Blower Fan Package provides the maximum amount of cooling air in the least amount of space by utilizing 115 volt AC, 60/50 hertz, single-phase input power.
    Engineered for 20,000 hours of continuous operation when properly powered.
    Intake grille is easily removed with two captive thumbnuts
    Washable aluminum filter
    Single phase motor powers the statically balanced blower
    Motor is thermally protected and cooled by incoming forced air
    Direct drive induction motor contains permanently lubricated ball bearings
    Lubricant protects from -20 F to 298 F (-29 C to 148 C)
    Rotating components are suspended on neoprene shock-mounts
    Three-conductor power cord (five feet long)
    The unit is self-supporting with 16 gauge steel flanges notched per EIA RS-310-D.
    An exhaust grille and filter package (catalog number AEXGR275) is required and must be ordered separately
    Specifications: 16 gauge steel housing
    Blower housing is black enamel.
    Grille is brushed stainless steel.
    Exhaust Grille and Filter
    Filter Adhesive
    Temperature Control Switch
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.


    UL Component Recognized; File No. E61997
    EIA RS-310-D
    CSA certified
    (blower motor only)

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