Screw Cover Wiring Trough, NEMA Type 12

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    Screw Cover Wiring Trough, NEMA Type 12

    Application: This wiring trough meets basic functionality requirements for applications in which frequent access is not needed. Providing protection in moist or dirty environments, the trough can be customized with different finish colors and textures.
    Ends and seams continuously welded and ground smooth; no holes or knockouts
    Captivated cover screws thread into sealed wells
    Oil-resistant gasket and adhesive
    14 gauge steel covers and bodies
    F2212SC is 16 gauge steel
    Finish: ANSI 61 gray polyester powder finish inside and out over pretreated surfaces.
    Accessories: Touch-Up Paint (ATPPY61)
    Modifications and Customizations: Hoffman excels at modifying and customizing products to your specifications. Contact your local Hoffman sales office or distributor for complete information.


    UL 870 Listed; File No. E27524
    NEMA/EEMAC Type 12
    JIC standards EGP-1-1967 and EMP-1-1967
    CSA, File No. 42184: Type 12
    IEC 60529, IP55


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