Sequestr External Disconnect Package, Type 12

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    Sequestr External Disconnect Package, Type 12

    Retrofit disconnect enclosures to isolate incoming power and help mitigate arc flash occurrences by moving the disconnect switch to the Sequestr Enclosure. Power is passed-through to the main enclosure.
    Applications: The Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure Package helps mitigate arc flash occurrences when working on interior components by isolating incoming power from the main enclosure. Shipped as one unit for new installations, the disconnect switch and fuse block/circuit breaker are mounted in the external enclosure, with terminal connections to bring power to the main enclosure.
    Interlocks doors of main control cabinet when disconnect switch is powered ON
    Mechanical interlock on main control enclosure activated by master door prevents slave door from being opened first
    Provision for pass-through power into the main enclosure
    Preferred disconnect cutout
    Quarter-turn, screwdriver slot latch on Sequestr Enclosure
    Rugged PowerGlide Handle with three-point latch on main control enclosure
    Concealed, easy-to-remove hinges
    Grounding studs on body
    Bonding provision on door
    Conductive back panel included in Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure
    Optional back panel for main control cabinet for maximum ordering flexibility
    Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure is shipped unattached for easy disconnect installation
    A28X base enclosure
    A70D external disconnect enclosure
    External disconnect enclosure .060-in. steel; main control cabinet .121-in. steel
    Continuously welded and ground seams all around
    Body flange trough excludes liquids and contaminants
    Heavy duty lifting eyes anchored into reinforced top
    Removable centerposts for easy back panel installation
    No disconnect cutout on main control cabinet
    Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure ANSI 61 gray polyester powder paint exterior and interior
    Two finishes are available for A28X main control cabinet: ANSI 61 gray polyester powder paint outside and inside, or ANSI 61 outside and white inside
    Sequestr External Disconnect Enclosure back panel has conductive finish
    Industrial Corrosion Inhibitors
    Floor Stand Kit
    PaneLite Enclosure Lights Overview
    Optional Terminal Plates:
    ATBP3060 for 30 and 60 amp switches
    ATBP100 for 100 amp switches
    ATBP200 for 200 amp switches
    Terminal Plates are IP20 rated
    Notes: 1) B dimension is large enclosure without External Disconnect Enclosure. 2) B2 dimension is overall size including External Disconnect Enclosure. 3) Purchase panels separately.


    UL 508A Listed; Type 12; File No. E61997
    cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 94; Type 12; File No. E61997
    NEMA/EEMAC Type 12
    CSA File No. 42186: Type 12
    IEC 60529, IP55

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