SpectraCool Remote Access Control (RAC)

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    SpectraCool Remote Access Control (RAC)

    Application: Hoffman’s SpectraCool Remote Access Control (RAC) system is an integrated, parametric controller designed to work seamlessly with our enclosure air conditioner (A/C) units for the purpose of remotely monitoring and managing anywhere from a single A/C unit to an entire network of SpectraCool air conditioners from virtually anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection. Electrical Engineering Maintenance, IT System Managers and others can ensure that their systems are always running at optimal levels using the SpectraCool Remote Access Control System to help increase productivity and improve overall system reliability. Whether you have a single A/C unit 1,000 miles away in a remote location, or have hundreds of units in a local factory, the SpectraCool Remote Access Control System can reduce the number of people needed to monitor and control your enclosure cooling systems to a single individual.
    Supports most standard wire and wireless routers
    Works with most Hoffman Air Conditioners
    Input voltage range: 9.5V to 95V
    Operating voltage: 24V
    Operating temperature: -40 C to 65 C
    Storage temperature: -40 C to 85 C
    Supports up to 2 temperature sensors
    – Sensor temperature range: -50 C to 105 C
    – Sensor accuracy: ±0.2 C
    – Sensor input: Analog or NTC
    Supports up to 10 alarms
    – Door open alarm
    – High temperature alarm
    – Low temperature alarm
    – Air inlet temperature sensor failure alarm
    – Air outlet temperature sensor failure alarm
    – High pressure warning
    – Low pressure alarm
    – Frost alarm
    – Lost communication alarm (LC)
    – Lost communication alarm (LC1)
    – USB port to interface with PC for system configurations
    – Ethernet port to interface with local network for remote access
    – RS485 Bus
    – Input voltage
    Supports multiple communication protocols
    – SNMP, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and Profinet protocol

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