Thermoelectric Coolers Indoor/Outdoor

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    Thermoelectric Coolers Indoor/Outdoor

    Applications: Thermoelectric Coolers minimize downtime and component loss by removing heat around critical components within an enclosure. These compact, low-profile coolers using the Peltier effect allow for cooling of small indoor and outdoor enclosures. No condensers, compressors or filters are required making it a reliable solution for demanding low-maintenance environments.
    DC Powered operation for 24V and 48V applications
    Low profile design allows for mounting vertically and horizontally on any enclosure to avoid interference with internal components
    Filterless design reduces maintenance requirements
    Contains no refrigerant, making it earth friendly
    Prewired with simple terminal block for easy wiring connections
    Operates on the Peltier effect for cooling or heating
    Compressor-free air conditioning for demanding indoor and outdoor applications
    Shrouded and unshrouded models included in standard packages
    Operating temperature range -40 C (-40 F) to 55 C (131 F)
    Partial recess mount
    60 Watt, 24 Volt
    100 Watt, 24/48 Volt
    200 Watt, 24/48 Volt
    Finish: Shrouded finish includes both powder coat paint RAL 7035 light gray standard and stainless steel 304
    Optional thermolelectric temperature controller regulates cooling and heating automatically
    Optional thermoelectric condenser manager helps direct condensation to the bottom of the enclosure
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.

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