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    For power supply connections to frequency converters, 0,6/1kV, halogen-free, double screened, higher current carrying capacity, meter marking




    Temperature range
    flexing -15°C  to  +90°C
    fixed installation -40°C  to  +90°C
    Permissible operating temperature at conductor +90°C

    Nominal voltage
    U0/U 600/1000V

    Informazioni aggiuntive




    Halogen free

    This TOPFLEX®-EMV-UV-2XSLCH-J motor power supply cable for the frequency converters assures electromagnetic compatibility in plants and buildings, facilities with units and operating equipment where the fields of electromagnetic interference might cause adverse effects on the surroundings. Respecting the permissible operating temperature at the conductor of +90°C permits a higher current carrying capacity than PE insulated power distribution cables. As a supply and connecting cable for medium mechanical stresses in fixed installations and forced movements in dry, moist and wet environments and for outdoor applications. Used in the automotive and food industries, environmental technology, packaging industry, machine tools. Handling equipment, for SIMOVERT drives, they are particularly suitable for use with industrial pumps, ventilators, conveyor belts and air-conditioning installations and similar applications.
    EMC = Electromagnetic compatibility
    To optimize the EMC features we recommend a large round contact of the copper braiding on both ends.
    CE = Product conforms with Low-Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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