Vortex Coolers Indoor/Outdoor

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    Vortex Coolers Indoor/Outdoor

    Applications: Powered by compressed air, Vortex Cooling Systems generate chilled air to cool small enclosures without refrigerants or moving parts. These systems are exceptionally reliable and low maintenance, even in the harshest and dirtiest environments.
    Five-micron airline filter, 115 V solenoid
    Ducting kit
    Cooling capacities to 2500 BTU/Hr. (733 W)
    Finish: Brushed satin aluminum or stainless steel
    Accessories: (for the enclosure) Can be installed on all enclosure product families. Separate accessories include an in-line oil filter.
    Notes: Reference the Spec Sheet in the Downloads tab for complete product specifications.


    NEMA Type 4 Models:
    Maintains UL/cUL Type 4 when properly installed on a UL/cUL Type 4 enclosure.
    UL508 Listed; Type 4; File No. E249700

    NEMA Type 4X Models:
    Maintains UL/cUL Type 4X when properly installed on a UL/cUL Type 4X enclosure.
    UL508 Listed; Type 4X; File No. E249700

    NEMA Type 12 Models:
    Maintains UL/cUL Type 12 when properly installed on a UL/cUL Type 12 enclosure.
    UL508 Listed; Type 12; File No. E249700

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