Distributore LioN-Classic 4DI 4DO (8x M12) Stainless Steel 60 mm

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    Distributore LioN-Classic 4DI 4DO (8x M12) Stainless Steel 60 mm


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    0910 ASL 425 – LioN-Classic, AS-Interface module with housing and receptacle shells in stainless steel, 4 digital inputs to connect standard sensors and 4 digital outputs (2 A) to connect standard actuators, M12 bus connection, especially designed for food and beverage equipment, 60 mm



    Technnical data
    Degree of protection IP 69K
    Operating temperature range -25°C (-13°F) to +80°C (+176°F)
    Weight 550 g
    Housing material stainless steel
    Bus system AS-Interface Version 2.1
    AS-Interface profile S 7.A.E
    I/O configuration 7 hex
    ID code E hex
    ID2 code (extended ID-code) F hex
    Support A/B addressing no
    Electronics power supply AS-Interface
    Rated voltage AS-Interface net
    Voltage range 26.5–31.6 V DC
    Power consumption max. 250 mA
    Reverse polarity protection yes
    Indication LED green
    Input power supply
    Voltage range (AS-Interface net) 17–30 V
    Total current of all sensors max. 200 mA
    Short circuit-proof yes
    Inputs Type 2 acc. to IEC 61131-2
    Rated input voltage 24 V DC
    Signal state “1” Us > 10 V / Is > 4.7 mA
    Signal state “0” Is < 1.5 mA
    Input current at 24 V 15 mA
    Input circuit p-switching
    Number of digital channels 4
    Channel status indicator LED yellow per channel
    Output power supply AUX
    Rated voltage 24 V DC
    Voltage range 10–30 V
    Potential separation present
    Reverse polarity protection yes/electronic
    Indication LED green

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